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Three ways to solve the problem of stationery inventory

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2013-06-30

Inventory has been a problem for stationery industry.However, under the new situation,there are the new meaning of stationery inventory.?The current global market is declining,and the  declining purchasing make most of stationery enterprises with the lower and lower profits as they rely on exports.A lot of stationery manufactureres are on the verge of loss.

In addition,the rapid development of industry make there are many similar brand stationery and the high repetitiona rate of same sutdent stationery.The online shopping also competition with traditional traditional.It cuased more and more inventory.The changing stationery market as well as the changing habits and aesthetic style of people.

The common ways for most companies is to do the disount,low price promotion.Then to do the terminal scale promotion.In addition,there are some better way.

Reasonable production

The more small inventory rate of sales,the faster capital turnover.The stationery production model of  "Small volume,high frequency" is after a certain time of sales then to push the new goods quickly.To ensure always have the new products in store.It can product a large quantities to meet the new products demand.But it is text the understanding and grasp on the market for development team.And the  logistics system must also keep up with the schedule.

Combined sales

How to meet the demand of consumers and to do the precision marketing?It is the examination of market sales and the promotion ability of each stationery manufacturer.At present,The combination sales such as "seeries sales" are be accepted by more and more dealers.It can sell out the old products then to aving the investment of product.On the other hand,the old products can sell in low price market,it will be better to the stationery inventory digestion.

Prediction market before marketing

The popular element of popular stationery make the sales time being very importat.Once miss the business opportunity,the products will become a stock product.So that,marketing department should to stude in advance instead of the the know of designer.

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