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Disorderly competition is bad for the development of environmental friendly stationery

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2014-05-01


         Environmental friendly stationery arises at the historic moment of staring, attract many consumers and  stationery manufacturers.Environmentally friendly stationery can be said to be the future prospect of young industry, however, industry expand blindly and  the disorderly competition can make the industry briefly step into  winter.Since this year, environmental friendly stationery products have a large demand, a lot of environmental friendly stationery manufacturer have full orders.It is no doubt that there will be a boom for stationery products .



        See from the current development situation of China, the rapid development of the environmental friendly stationery will usher in a new wave of competition, with the improvement of technology and price falling , the environmental friendly stationery will get a rapid expansion.Analysts pointed out that at first may be a few companies will invest in the development of environmentally friendly stationery, but with the demand of the market grows, there will be more and more stationery enterprises  join in the environmental friendly stationery production , then the whole industry will inevitably lead to the situation of "glut".Because the  materials and processes meet  the concept  of  low carbon  ,so the price is higher price than ordinary stationery, and now the end market price from a dozen pieces to a few dollars, in fact ,there is  no essential difference between the traditional stationery , actually environmental friendly stationery have a  better optimization space.


        The threshold of the stationery industry is low, so that there are so many enterprises want to come in, but there is a problem of serious overcapacity,and it easily lead to the development of vicious competition in price, in order to further grab market share, many stationery factory do bad in  manufacturing.Therefore . it not noly can't have a satisfaction to consumers ,but also do bad to the development of environmental friendly stationery .With the lower price, the quality is worse and worse, and to the enterprise itself also did not agree with the value of it at all.Only companies and consumers agree with the value of the environmental friendly stationery, then they will naturally accept the price, so that they can not blindly rely on low prices to win the market.


         Stationery industry developing in the future, no matter it's environmental friendly stationery or ordinary office stationer.It  is inevitable  to break mode of low-price competition to step  into the era of brand competition.It's better to start to do a good job of basis, completes the product positioning, ensure the enterprise profit,rather than push to gain market share.


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