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Lepusheng share: a few tips of using students stationery

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2014-10-14


          As the increasing level of stationery consumption, more and more parents realize the importance of health and stationery.In a wide variety of stationery products in  the stationery market, to choose the health and safety product, first the consumers must recognize the brand, look for the quality assurance of products.But it's not enough to reduce the damage brought by stationery for the children.It also need to master the use of a certain skill, to minimize the injury of the stationery.Now Lepusheng have a few healthy tips to  share with you:



           Essential balm to remove the correction fluid quickly


           When using a correction fluid,it is easy to paste some liquid into the skin, then you will find that, it is so difficult to wash  the correction fluid clean.So what can we do now?A bottle of essential balm can help, just cover a little essential balm on the hand which with correction fluid,then it can be quickly washed away.


           What's going on, it is the solvent dissolved in the fluid.Correction fluid is mainly composed of titanium pigment, adhesive and solvent (ethyl acetate); The main component of essential balm is of drugs, incense and solvent (paraffin oil).The solvent in correction fluid and the essential plays a role of dissolving other substances.


           Frequent hand washing can prevent the lead poisoning


           It is not hard to find, now a lot of pencils, erasers color is very bright in the market, some stationery printed with a variety of cartoon characters, some stationery have been made into candy, we also can not find the manufacturer information of most of these stationery products.Lepusheng advice to buy light color stationery.Because most colorful products contained too much lead, because the body not fully developed, and less metabolism, children will assimilate more lead than adults, so children before 6 years old  are more likely to lead poisoning.To prevent lead poisoning, the best thing to do is to choose normal manufacturer production of stationery when purchasing stationery,view the lead identification and try to choose light color stationery.


          In addition we should wash our hands in time after used stationery, it can be washed about 90% - 95% of lead dust,and also can effectively prevent lead poisoning.When using stationery try not to use hand to touch the nose and mouth.Once felt the child's behavior, emotions, etc have bad change,it should be timely medical treatment, if it is serious then it need to drive away the lead under the guidance of the doctors.


           The eyecare book doesn't necessarily protect eye but also increase visual fatigue


           As the attention to students' health, some stationery also increased health care function,the most common one is the eyecare book which can protect your eyes.In the stationery store, a variety of eyecare book is not only has the price range,and quality is different, some eyecare book has the light yellow color paper, some are light green.But there are doctors tell us that the so-called eyecare book are not only can not protect our eyes, and also will increase vision fatigue,and the risk of myopia.


          When reading a book,or writing, if the color contrast is too big when looking at the contents,then it will be more effortlessly.Accordingly, if the color is yellow, light green, then the color contrast between the paper and word is very small, and will be more laborious, then maybe cause eye fatigue.If students themselves have blindness or color blindness, and commonly used colored writing books, then it may increase the severity of color blindness.


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