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The secret of success in office supplies

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2013-04-11

Office supplies developing with the China economy so far,it is formed a huge market wtih consumption of 100 billion yuan.In recent years,the stationery consumers are increasing in office stationery.And  Europe and America, southeast Asia and  Middle East are all the exproting country for China office supplies.

There is unpredictable in the stationery product market.And the stationery manufacturer has been to display the products with its feature in each season.And there are the more and more choose for the consumers.The businessmen of office supplies should prepare before and keep in far-sighted.Keeping the certain advantage then to win in the market.In particular,it should pay more attention to the following three points:

Frist point: Accurate location

The store site is relation about the success for the office stationery business.It needs to choose the suitable city,in general,there are should be with 500.000 in population then to keep the enough customers.And it's  better open the shop near with the high-grade office or the industry zone.If there are the restaurants,computer equipment shop and so on.It will easy to form the scale effect.

Second:Multiple product

During the begining of business,besides sell stationery proudct,financial supplies,office equipment and the other common office product in the office stationery shop.It also can sell some paper, paper cup,hardware supplies or the claening equipment.With the developing, the model of one-stop shopping is become one of popular for office worker.They need a lot of stationery supplies,it is better purchase in once.

Third:Strict management

There are two means in the strict management,one is during replenish onr's stock,needs to pay more attention to the quality of product,ensure the security of office stationery:And the other one is to follow the popular trend.constantly updated.To cater to people change, innovation feeling.In addition,there is different in the product's shelf life,so that,it needs take into account during work out the cost before.

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