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E-commerce promote the price transparency of stationery

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2014-10-13


          At present, with the development of electronic commerce gradually come, each big stationery enterprise will try in the field of it.While to do well in electronic platform.There are still a lot of homework to do for the stationery enterprise.Stationery industry get into the electric dealer market, then the price of stationery products will be more transparent, we have to admit, the development of e-commerce has brought certain influence to the price transparency.



         If prices are different and opaque, make traditional stationery market get into chaotic state.However, to obtain customer recognition, in addition to control the product quality and do a good job in pre-market and after-sales.So how do the stationery e-commerce choose the direction and further promote the competitiveness of the enterprise is the important work that had to be taken into account.And price transparency will be a key point to improve the experience degree of the user.


          Electricity will standardize the market price, change the non-transparent industry price and the chaotic situation!If most consumers choose online shopping,then it must be the purpose of the low price (at least cheaper than entity shop), and compared in many aspects, in order to purchase stationery products on electricity conveniently.Only the low price and economical,practical of the products on electricity (consumers will compare, there is no people choose and buy if  it's too expensive, then the electricity will stop continuing operations if nobody buy in it.)Only the service is convenient can impress consumers, and convenient service will be involved in the problems of how so the current distributors should evolve.


         About business, the  superior reputation of the consumers to the enterprise is more useful than input of the advertisement.About producing companies, products get the consumer recognition and the dealer's sales progress, then the production of the enterprise will naturally have a progress, and also the profits.


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