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Creative correction tapes of Lepusheng

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2014-07-11


           Nowadays, campus is the heaven and earth of the group that after 90 and 00, the group which after 00 is a new generation with good growth material, growth environment and growth era, they not only have powerful and unconstrained thinking ,but also have more demands on stationery,especially love the creative ones.Because of this,designers of Lepusheng also keep to provide more novel and unique creative stationery products, here we will show you these creative correction tapes:



           Correction tape with LED light.This is one kind of creative stationery with beautiful and colorful design in the shape of  travelling bag.And there is a LED light on it that you don't need to plug,just gently press,then the correction tape can suddenly change into a flashlight .You can use it for a longer time with two 1.5 V button battery that is complimentary, and it also can show the high-end quality and exquisite technology.



            Bear masseur correction tape with his unique treasures and came to Lepusheng, do you see it ?Don't you think it is  interesting and lovely.This is a special correction tape with the function of massage and correction,you can press the hands, feet and shoulder with it in my spare time to relieve yourself.So you must love it with its unique shape, high quality and creativity.



            Retractable correction tape with different kinds of facial expressions which is refillable ,it is easy to use and easy to store in the book bag, and also can save money for the function of replaceability!It has bright colors and different kinds of lively and cool expression,it can appear one expression when you press it ,and it will  appear another expression when it bounce back!


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