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The network shopping gradually become the mainstream consumption

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2015-01-02


          See from the 2014, CNNIC "34 times China Internet network development state statistic report, as of June 2014,there are 6,32 million Internet users in China, an increase of 14.42 million from the end of 2013, the Internet penetration rate is 46.9%.The rapid development of the Internet make more industry products quickly get into the e-commerce platform,and also let more and more stationery consumption become a network "fans".



          Focus of the Internet development transforms from "extensive" to "deep", various network applications profoundly change Internet life.Mobile emerging areas such as finance, mobile medical,these multi-azimuth mobile application meets the requirements of users surfing the Internet, netizens towards a comprehensive "network" of life.While stationery products are the kind of retail products, small and affordable products naturally become a hot thing online.


           Change the way of consumption, let more and more stationery supplier take care the effect brought by the Internet,all of them get into it.Faced with huge amounts of personalized consumer demand, there are some forerunner actively explore it, they preliminary grope for the effective strategy: to satisfy personalized needs with various of goods;Standardized products combined with personalized services; Modular commodity combined with customer self-service;Tailor ccording to the personalized requirements, etc.However,it is still difficult to do the personalization of stationery products.


           Many e-commerce service platform, with very low interest and get the vast amounts of personalized demand together, and through the search technology, social media, etc., make it possible for huge amounts of personalized consumption.Although the network is still in the emergence stage with massive amounts of personalized consumption,the further expansion and development of mass personalized stationery products also need a long time.This will be a profound changes, the important factors to promote electronic retailing group,it  should cause enough attention of stationery enterprises.


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