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Lepusheng will participate in the 116th Autumn Canton Fair 2014

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         On October 15th, 2014 to November 4th, the 116th Autumn Canton Fair 2014 will be held in guangzhou city, guangdong province.The China import and export fair is hosted by the ministry of commerce of China,the people's government of guangdong province,and undertake by the China foreign trade center.



          Canton fair is currently the longest history, highest level, China's largest and has the most complete variety of goods and merchants,but also the comprehensive international trade event which has the best effect and the credibility.Lepusheng will participate it on October 31th to November 4th at the phase 3 autumn exhibition.


           This session of the Canton fair will be held in three phase: the first phase of the exhibition is from October 15th to 19th,there will be electrical appliances, lighting, vehicles and accessories, machinery, hardware tools, building materials, chemical products, new energy and other eight items;The second phase of the exhibition is from October 23th to 27th,there are daily consumption categories, gifts, home decoration these 3 items;Phase 3 will be on October 31th to November 4th, there will be textile and apparel exhibition, office, bags and leisure products, food, medicine and health care, etc.


           The third phase is about office supplies and display the follows:


           Pens: pencils, ball pens, pen, fluorescent pen, water pen, pen, oil pen, painting pen, gul ink, ink;File storage: crusty folders, paper folder, transparent file sets, meeting documents set, computer print folder, hanging clamp, organ, powder, paging paper clips, file disk, card holder, report, certificate holder;Office supplies: stapling device, staple, binding machine, nail machine, punch, scissors, paper knife, pen holder, paper clip, tape dispenser, ruler, tape measure, pencil sharpener, correction fluid, rubber, glue, cellophane tape, glue tape,clamp, seal products, calculator, table cushion, name card holder,newspaper holder;Paper products: note book, fax paper, computer printing paper, color inkjet printing paper, copy paper, photo paper, writing paper, financial paper products;Tags: handwritten label, tags, protection film, mark labeling;Desk decoration decoration;Office automation products and equipment, office equipment supplies.


          Lepusheng will participate in the 116th Canton fair phase 3, it is the 22 times that Lepusheng consecutively attend the Canton fair, welcome you to visit, details are as follows:


          Exhibitor:            Guangdong Lepusheng stationery co., LTD


          The products:    Correction tape,Double side glue tape


          Show time:         From October 31th to November 4th,2014(Phase 3)


          The booth NO. : At 19 and 20 of B channel,on the second floor area A3 of Exhibition hall of China import and export commodities fair 【3.2B19-20(OzoneA)】 


          Contact person: Ms.Nancy 13556307603,Ms.Jessie 13421887323


          E-mail:                gsj@lepusheng.com


          Website:            Http://www.lepusheng.com


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