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Lovely correction tape transfer positive energy to you

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2014-05-15


        When visiting a stationery shop, it is easy to find out that lovely stationery are always loved by a lot of young consumers, so that  the merchants have to create more lovely stationery.Lepusheng stationery also has correction tapes that in  high performance/price ratio,in the mean time when Lepusheng gives more choices to consumers ,it also transfer positive energy ,now let us see together:



        Lovely stationery usually have some exaggerated ingredients in it, see,this kind of correction tape is not exceptional ,too. LPS 9819 the king of frogs12M correction tape,which is cute and with big eyes and a big mouth,it looks quite exaggerated, but funny, it has a good shape and pure and fresh in color, is the new choice of students stationery.



        Superman pig correction tape arrived with the image of  legendary hero,Lepusheng 12 m litres of 9864 super pig with function of pen holder correction tape,it has the bright color.The clever design which use pig nose as a pen holder , perfectly embody  the functionality of Lepusheng stationery.This kind of creative students stationery has excellent quality and use more convenient and fast,of course it is more popular .



         Lepusheng 9902 fashionable skate boarding correction tape in 8 m ,come with its handsome and individual dazzling appearance ,the pattern design is bold and exaggerated, the design is creative!But it is not enough when just  have the function of correction ,you can also do skateboarding with .Along with using it by yourself ,you can also  send it  as stationery gift to your friends is also very suitable for individuality.


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