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How to name the office stationery shop?

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2013-04-14

As the saying goes that justifiably by name.Just like the word from Lesi Trout said ,an American marketing expert."Good name is the best guarantee".As the intangible assets,the name of office stationery shop has the assignable discernible force.Good name is one of beauiful business card,it also one of way to enter the market.

There is the market regulation in different industry.Office stationery also needs be named by its feature.It is helpful the to closer the distance of consumers and business.

Mean Lucky

Every enterprise hope success in the business,according to the such demand,office stationery shop can named "Lucky',"Better","Run" or other name with lucky and love.It is not noly readability but also bring the best wishes to the buyer.

Clearly and simple

During office stationery sales,the most important is to provide the needed stationery to the buyer.So that the name which suitable to the office style will be attractt the customer.Just like the "Guangjie","Wisdom","Sunshine".All of them are simple and generous.

Using the digital

Besides the simple Chinese characters,the name with Chinese,English and digital always with the high recognition and memory of brand.The name of office stationery shop also can combine with the telephone number.Such as the ending telephone number of"Good123" shop is 123.It is make the deepen impression of customers.

Although the name of office stationery shop is according to the particular case,there is the a few following principles needs be noticed:

1.Display the attribute characteristic of office stationery;

2.Suitable to the image of stationery shop;

3.Suit to the service philosophy of stationery shop andthe sales promotion model;

4.With rich creative;

5.Simple,easy to pronounce and remember.

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