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How does the China stationery manufacturing develop in the future?

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2013-01-06

Since China entering WTO in 2002,stationery manufacturing industry has well done in the industries.From the point of view of international,entering WTO,Chinese stationery enterprises are facing more broad market.For the domestic environment,Chinese stationery market enter into the overall integration rapidly.And the local stationery manufacturers make a intense competition with the international famous stationery enterprises and brands in Chinese statioery market.

So,in the new year,How does the China stationery manufacturing develop in the future?There are two advice from Lepusheng stationery as followes:

Suggestion 1:Practical and intelligence

Although current Chinese stationery enterprise has gradually began to explore the production in high-end or intelligent,there are lot of insider said that to create the Chinese style stationery product with interlligent should be basis on the practical value.

 "Compared to the passed two yeras,there are increasing in the stationery practicality.For example,the pen bag was desiged full of humanity,useing the watproof material.It is sell well that the traditional cloth pen bag,especially during the rain day."said by the saler who work for student stationery.According to his introduction,the stationery with function in both eraser and correction tape were the best sell."The students always bought a few in one time'.

However, the practical stationery is still in the simply design and its innovative remains to be completed.The stationery retail  storeman said that.For example,the ball point pen with scalable keychain,it is a ball pen when outspread and become a keychina when contract.It is combined with the practical and intelligence,but it just sell well in the stating.For long time,there is some problem apperaed such as  parts are easy to drop.So that the stationery enterprise should pay more attention to the qualiy and the fineness.

Suggestion 2:Brand

The current Chiese stationery products are in low profit as there are most of stationey enterprise just do the already design production for importer.They are lack of the self-design.The importer always find the low price manufacturer with the already design drawings so that caused the price competition.

If domestic manufacturers can do the design by themselves.And do well in the brand,then we can apply for a patent and keep the style only we can do.So that we can control the price by ourselves and ensure a high profit.The independent design is necessary.


In addition, to bulid the brand also one way for solve problem."There are many stationery factory have do the OEM sales and without brand".Said by the insider.Compared to same stationery with made in the Japen and South Korea,it is sell on  $3 but $1 at home.It is the differenet from brand.Only to bulid  brand can keep the high profit for products.


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