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Environmental protection stationery more popular than traditional stationery

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2013-04-18

Stationery industry is the one of the most rapidly developing light industry in recent years.There are many fashioable and popular elements into the developing stationery.And now,the stationery products are look like the art.However,it is wrong if you think these products just basis on the creation and fashion appearance.


Fasion stationery no the only reason to attract cousumer

Fasion stationery no the only reason to attract cousumer

There is the new elements with more attraction than popular statioery,environmental protection stationery.Since in 2008,the green harmonious society idea be awared by the popler.It was became the public awareness.It is getting more and more important to the people whethere in the construction resource conservation or a littler things in life.At the same time,it also bring the more broad market and more profits to the business.

Compared with the traditional stationery,green stationery and environmental protection stationery have its feature such as safety, health and environmental protection.And it is more and more welcomed by customer.It also attract the student group.As the new generation of students have the active thinking,strong curious and can quickly accept new things.With the high frequency to use stationery.They always looking for the new typle and high qulaity stationery.Most of parents also worry about safety which directly related to the children's health.So that environmental protection stationery are more and more popular.

As the green environmental protection life become the life pursuit of new era."Green design"also have the business in the stationery.In order to reduce the resource consumption,some stationery manufacturers are take the production process to the product's packing desige.To reduce the waste as far as possible.At the same time,choose the avirulent and renewable materials also can ensure the consumers could't be damage from the pollution in using.It also ensure the product can be recovery smoothly after its lifetime.In addition,it can expand the lifetime and improve the utilization rate if keep the high qulity from the design to production.

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