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What challenges of foreign trade are stationery manufacturers facing?

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2014-11-10


          "Made in China" is a sign of the pride for the majority of Chinese stationery manufacturers, but the "made in China" is also the defects of their exports.Why do we say so?In China,most of the stationery manufacturers are do OEM brand, they have their own products, but there was no pricing power, lack of sales channels in the market.With the advent of Canton fair, the foreign trade export is once again on the agenda, now Lepusehng will show you what foreign trade adjustment are the stationery manufacturers industry facing with?



           First, the deterioration of the international economic, lack of spending power


           In recent years, the European debt crisis haze do not come loose, the RMB exchange rate volatility, commodity price fluctuations is too big, and trade protectionism, trade friction is increasing,too.Makes the deterioration of the international economy, the lack of spending power is also gradually revealed, exports cut means the shrink of stationery exports,it is a big hit for stationery market in fierce competition.


           Second, the cost advantage of factors of production is gradually lost


           In addition to the troubles in the international economic environment, the appreciation of the RMB,and the increasing of production of raw materials, land, labor, capital and other cost,the advantage of the cost of production factors is gradually reducing, this requires a stationery enterprise development can no longer compete on price, and should have a breakthrough on the function or design of stationery products, to pass on the cost impact.


           Third, the lack of pricing power and ability to innovate


           While there are many "Made in China" products in the international market, but the sales channels are not on manufacturers' hand.We know the sales channel is very important for manufacturers, due to the Chinese stationery manufacturing industry in the  the low-end industry, also the lack of pricing power in channels. Competition in the market for escalating with low price competition, but low price competition is also reward to fill in a tax refund for export policy.Actually the  enterprise product profit is very few.Thus it seriously cause the innovation ability of stationery enterprise has been suppressed.


           Fourth, the lack of understanding of overseas markets and consumers


           Long-term trade processing reduces the understanding of  the consumer market for the stationery manufacturers, because of the lack of deep understanding of overseas markets and consumers, stationery manufacturers often rely on the existing old product,if the new developed product without promotion of the middlemen channel, then the product is difficult to get recognition of consumer.In this case, production of stationery factory  is very passive, and development of products is also unsatisfactory.This is also a kind of expression that can not response the consumer information in time.


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