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Characteristic development of office supplies need to enhance competitiveness

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2014-09-14


         The rapid development of stationery industry is not only reflected in the changes of market selling, but also in the changes of consumers' demand.In order to meet consumer demand,stationery enterprises not only have to pay attention to the quality of the products,and have a breakthrough of innovation, but also have to spend some of idea to do marketing, so that we can be in an impregnable position in the market.



          Do marketing features requires that the stationery enterprises use their own personality,to create demand to attract consumer with their own characteristics ;On the other hand it also demands stationery manufacturers should meet the personalized needs of consumers in all aspects,that is to say, the enterprise should develop personalized, rich and colorful products, to break through the conventional marketing, to excavate, guide, create and meet the market demand,to achieves personalized consumption trend.


          Personalized consumption is becoming the main characteristics of market environment, therefore,we need the necessary ability such as personalized marketing and personalized production capacity which are the core ability of survival and development of enterprise to meet the needs of different consumer individual differentiation. The enterprise needs to find the best point between the personalized needs of consumers and economies of scale.


          In the increasingly competitive market, whose products can meet the needs of the customers most,then he will finally win the market.If office stationery enterprises can timely understand the change of market demand, formulate personalized marketing strategy,then the market competition of enterprises can be improved,and the enterprise's economic efficiency will rise,it will also further promote the development of enterprises.Who can grasp the direction of the market, who can succeed.


           Use different means of marketing can guide the market and consumer groups develop in a direction which is favourable to the enterprises themselves,the potential market will change into real market, and gradually widened the distance with competitors, make yourself become more unique, then eventually achieve exploiting market and occupy the market.Satisfy the personalized demand is the so-called "customer is god", based on customer needs in all aspects, through the way of establishing good relationship with every customer, carry out differentiated services.After knowing the needs of the customers,to satisfy consumers personalized needs.In personalized marketing,consumer is self-centered when choosing and buying goods,if the existing products can not meet demand,then they may put forward specific requirements  to the enterprise,and the enterprises wll make ideal products.With the best products,the market competitiveness of enterprises will virtually increased.


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