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Good office stationery is becoming the mainstream of the wholesale

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2014-02-27


       Obviously, the stationery industry is developing rapidly ,more and more stationery producers start doing a lot of work on it because of the improvement of living standard of customers.Nowadays,it is not enough to meet the basic requirement of the customers .What the customers are pursuing now is the stationery with high-end ,high-grade style.
       Customers' changing values make  the requirement of stationery improve naturally. It is easy to see that those products in high price is also selling well due to their good material ,high-quality and 
someting special function.Though the brand stationery is selling  with high price , their sales volume is much more bigger than those no-name stationery with low price,.Especially for the middle school 
students and the officers , what they always like is the brand stationery .
       Facing with the  complicated situation in the market , the customers will purchase brand products with practical price.But the hot sell of the high-grade products doesn't mean the customers are pursuing the high-price , because the price should stay in the range the customers can accept .For the saturated stationery industry , the fierce competition and the market machanism is putting them into the brand era.
       Branding consumption is becoming a new trend in recent years .Customers not only focus on the design , color , shape and the purpose of a product, but also pay more attention to  the origin and what 
the brand it is .Lepusheng Stationery have the new products that with unique advantage compared to other domestic brands .With about twenty years' experience of professional production, and the correction tape and correction fluid have the unique advantages than others.Their fashional products are always welcome to the customers !
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