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Stationery stores need a facelift urgently to enhance the sales

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2014-05-29


          How to ensure the growing popularity when opening a stationery store, the image of neatness is indispensable. The impression of a traditional stationery store is dark, cluttered, narrow, the shopkeeper will feel bored waiting for the customers to come.With  the development of stationery industry, the environment  of stationery store has changed in recent years, but relative to other mature industry, most small and medium-sized stationery stores have not keep up with the pace of the stationery market.



          With the image and service of  lag ,it will rmake the social public have some mind-set of it ,once the stationery stores have a low-grade decoration,it is synonymous with cheap and cheap products.If we ignore this kind of phenomenon, then it is bad for the stationery stores themselves, but also the stationery industry,so that it will indirectly reduce the industry's profits.As the modern consumption idea change gradually,if we want to seize the consumer's eyeball, we can not wait for the public, so that  the facelift of  stationery shop is very important:.


          One, adjust the whole shop


          It is obvious that adjusting the whole shop means whether the store is beautiful, the layout of shelf  is reasonable or not ,the lighting is scientific or not, whether it's appropriate, the displays of  the store is neat or not ,and whether the shop is tidy or not.So why do we have to improved these aspects,the answer is to provide consumers with a comfortable store environment, then improve the added value of stationery products.Especially in the products on display, neat or not will indirectly influence the value of a product, which affects the sale of a brand.


         Two, adjust the workers


         Whether the image of a boss or a clerk is decent or not , personal hygiene is qualified or not , and whether the product knowledge is OK, the sales technique is mature, the workers have service consciousness or not.Workers are the crucial factors in the sales process, good sales personnel, can stimulate the potential customers to buy , ultimately achieve sales;Bad salesman, can let the "cooked ducks" fly away.Sales staff is the "mouthpiece" of a students stationery shop, so how to  catch the customer request,then the key to contribute to sales is to recommend the most suitable stationery products .


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