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Festival is approaching, how to improve the sales of stationery shop

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2014-09-11


           The Mid-Autumn festival is coming,and the war of holiday sales also comes,too.In fact, the moon cake businessmen have take the lead in pushing and other peripheral products is brewing. Do sales with festival activities is the commonly event of marketing for many businesses,for the owners of stationery shops is the same,too.Especially due to the Mid-Autumn festival meats the new term in September this year, a lot stationery stores start to move.However, cool head is not enough to win market share from various high hands,and get the peak of sales,we should make a good festival planning when have a promotion:



          One, planning a unified promotional information


          Successful holiday activity of sales promotion can not only drive sales, but also can improve the company's market position.Stationery enterprises can through part of the time to review the effect of propaganda way in advance, including the company's advertising, direct mail advertising, promotional materials, and websites, etc.Ensure that the theme to the unity, let consumer first understand the content.


           Two, stimulate the desire of consumers


           If we want to stand out in many businesses,then in the festival promotion we should add a lot favorable conditions to encourage consumption.Such as free delivery, free packaging,special offers for old customers, promotion price, discount, etc.Promotion conditions must be attractive to consumer,after all you are not the only one,therefore the promotion condition must be better than the competition.


            There, increase the media


            It must be a  advertising season before and after the festival, this means that if you use the traditional media publicity, then you need to prepare for promotion in advance,to serve the lowest price during the festival.For the relative and traditional advertising, more businesses want to do a good job in publicity through a free platform,such as network platform, mobile platform, etc.Many customers would search relevant information on the Internet before buying the product,then the website at this time can be completely the best sales tool during the festival.On search engines At the same time we can put related information about the activities, at all levels, and release for more users to see.


            Fourth, thank the support of the customers


           Thanks to consumers, for businesses, sales promotion is not only promote product sales, the first important task during the festival should be recognition of consumers and customers, to strive for more positive brand image.


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