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Electronic commerce has become the good assistant of stationery sales

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2013-01-19

The world's communication are getting more and more frequent since into 21st centrury.And the electronice commerce also getting more important in the business communicaton.Since 2009,the sales scale of e-commerce had reached 5% from zore.And it began play a role to boosting the GDP.The electronic commerce had worked in China since 2009.

At present, there are many eterprise has combined the electronic business into sales through the electronic commerce.The stationery enterprises also had made the sales into the  electronic commerce.To enhance the self pomotion and improve the value of enterprise and product market.To make the customers facus to the brand history,product connotation and the much deeper leverl instead of  the  traditional level,and make the enterprise culture become the main focue from the enterprise view.To view of the consumers,they can get the lastest product information through Internet.The value of the electronic commerce has changed to the rational consumption, convenient consumption, safety consumption instead of the fashion consumpetion.

The vice president of the Asia business has expressed for the China stationery market in public that there were the broad market for the China stationey e-commerce,and there were many foreign enterprise has got the business opportunities and exposure through the electronic commerce.It had became the new highlights of masrket.The development of the e-commerce has brings the opportunity to the Chinese stationery.The enterprise should grab this opportunity to develop and maintain market as soon as possible.

The stationery enterprises can make the pomotion for their enterprise,product and services through the Internet to do the electronic commerce.The stationery sales in Internet has be widely welcomed by the operators and consumers.Yuanganming,the world economic researcher of the Tsinghua university of China is expected the e-commerce had got the certain influence of the China stationery.It will bring the new opportunities for the stationery industry.

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