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Importance of the serivce in stationery industry

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2013-04-27

With the rapid development of the stationery industry,it is different only depand on the excellent products to make more profit.To provide the good service to the consumers has became the ways to gain the additional value for many stationery enterprises.Service need to be able to to meet different consumer demand as well as the tangible products.Therefore,the customers demand can be turned into the specific such as the product featuren,production and the product marketing in  tangible products.But the spcific for the immaterial products just like the phantom.So that seveice enterpicse needs the "service products" or the "service concept".

There is difficult to direct contact with the customer for the stationery manufacturer in the light industry like stationery.Only the final product to meet the demand for customers.However,there are so much competition in the current environment of market economy.The competition of the service concept have already be one part of enterprise development.The final service of stationery factoies are provided by the dealers and distributors.Especially the distributors which  direct contact with consumers.So the enterprise to meet the is not only to demand of the costomer,but also need to meet the demand of the dealers.It is about the different change in the behavior, ability and attitudes. From this perspective, the service concept including a set of universal values.

Besides a set of universal values,it also to provide more service to the customers as possible.So that to acctract the customers,manage customers and expantion.To offer the other service to the consumers basides the buying behavior.Such as Lepusheng stationery to send free e-zine to the peopler who subscribe on website.And give the warm wishes in the each festival.It is the service of enterprise.At the same time,to complete the service content,make clean the service standards,comple the office supply to the service can improve customer office efficiency and make a good repatation to the enterprise.

 It can said that service is the added value of eneterprise and product.Stationery industry are getting into the high added value so that make the get to endless.Although service should be free.In fact,it is one of product which buyed by customers.If the sevice could't let the customer feel the value of products.The user demand decide the price of service.It is needs the supply in funnd if an enterprise wants to provide the good service.So that,for the customers,service is the investment.

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