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Three steps for stationery branding construction

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2013-01-28

2011 is the first years of the 12th five-year plan.Branding construction is the key word for the 12th five-year plan,even the key to the 13th five-year plan after the market investigation and the careful consideration.It also the important development direction in future.


There are three stages for the stationery branding construction:position,build up the momentum and make a win and win situation.


First of all,to make a position.it is to make a clean position for the stationery brand in high,middle or low.The price decide the market and customers,it also decide the product quality and the brand profit.At the same time,to make the position of product,service and market.Those three position can make the good sales model.The enterprise position is the basis of branding construction.It isn't to build a high building without the firm basis.


Secondly,step up the momentum.It should to carry out the publicity momentum once formed the sales model.The strong momentum will attract many customers and vice versa.So that there were hand to do business for the stationery brand like Staples and Jetoy.They all had made the position of branding construction then done the pomotion for sales.


Third,make the win-win situation.The win-win situation is good for the entenprise and customer.But now many stationery enterprise is not do that.The position is getting higher and higher after sucessfully form the momentum.It make the customer get to the competitor.And the there was appeared the price war between the stationery manufacturers and caused the intense competition.It is only be honest both of stationery manufacturers and distributors and share the  experience to each other so that to get the win-win situation and higher success.


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