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Lepusheng share:Improving the key of management of stationery sales

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2014-07-16


        To manage a stationery shop should choose the most suitable goods, after all the goods decide the sales, if a stationery store want to survive,then the sales is the most important. Especially the new generation of students,they will be more and more picky about the quality of the goods.In addition,is there any tips to boost sales of stationery shop?



         Display technology  is very important


         Why it is different when you feel in a large well-known brands and in an ordinary shop?This is of course, have a great relationship with decoration, but the most important is a professional store display.The role of store display is divided into sensory function and guide function.When we first  get into a brand stores,we can see that the store image represents the image of the brand, when come in at the door, the first big feeling is the layout , and then is the color of the whole store with the stationery,then is the series of color, the last is style.So, if the store display is not good, then we will feel it very disorderly do not know how to start, so good display is very important .


          The display effect of students stationery is not only display the product, there is another important role is to guide a storefront.Such as hanging panels at the door to attract customers.It can be utmost attract the consumers in the case of no discount.For example, you can put the latest version, the most unusual correction tape next to the pens then write the preferential words on it , so that consumers will complete purchase.


          Management of employee in the store -- to improve the services of  the whole shop


          "With the increasing number of stores ,the competition among stores become fierce, which requires more in-depth and meticulous management, to improve the controllability of the market.Now the cosumers not only consider the prices and the quality when buying a product, but also will pay more attention to sales and service in detail.And store sales just in the most important position.Clerk must have a service with a smile, a smile is not just about the value of successful sales and satisfactory to buy, but reflect the idea of sales and  management of attitude in the new market environment .Even if the shop owner is the only one, it should be sincere to treat customers.


          Enthusiasm, before the customer come, don't walk and chatting presumptuously, and ready for the customer at any time, ready to preliminary contact with customers.Successful initial contacts is the half of perfect sales, timely recommended products after knowing what the customers want .


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