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Consumption of stationery also should be rational

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2014-07-08


          At present, the hot World Cup let many businessmen get the chance to start marketing activities, sports is not only a competition, but also a big business;So when we talk about sports, it always around sponsorship, brand, marketing.The more big events, the colour of business will become more obvious.So many businessmen use events to do marketing.



         It is also the same in stationery business, businesses will not only do activities before during or after the holidays, advance promotion is essential.While  remove these common holiday marketing, however,now more merchants also  a "made" promotion combine with e-commerce.


          More promotional stunt and frequent promotions


          In numerous events marketing, sales promotion of stationery products also become frequent.Discount is the idiomatic means thay businessmen used, as well as the most effective way of driving sales.Frequent promotions, reflecting the severity of market competition and consumer purchasing psychology of bargaining.However ,frequent promotions also easy to cause the consumer to produce aesthetic fatigue, when they see for a long time or too much ,then they will lose freshness in new product promotion, and excessive promotion can let the consumer to doubt the price of the new product promotion stylish products.


          "Festival" making become frequent , consumers should be rational


          Along with the development of the e-commerce, all kinds of festival promotion appeared, valentine's day, Christmas day, the double 11, double 12 were used into commercial promotion, so  that any holiday can greatly into the trend of the electric business section.These multifarious promotions will make the fresh disappear gradually,then the consumers tend to be more rational.In addition, the promotion of all kinds of traps such as "price increases first, then decrease", a red envelope of little value and also with factors such as cumbersome, directly affect the consumers' experience.As the techniques of electricity business promotion are becoming more and more diversified, and Chinese consumers have also been growing rapidly, consumers can also gradually to be rational to treat this kind of sales promotion.


          At the same time, this is also a wake-up call to the stationery shops ,we have to think about if stationery stores sufferred from group-buying dependence - must be to drive sales through large group activities, so that the business will continue indefinitely go on .Businesses are keen on group-buying, discounts and other promotions, and easily show the slogan for the lowest price, the full cost .After gettiong the profit ,they will become more addictive, even produced a group-buying dependence, they only have passion whern making the group activity and also can arouse the enthusiasm of itself and the employees,otherwise it will be more likely to be facing a loss even close, this is not a healthy development of the stationery industry.


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