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How does China office stationery develop in future?

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2013-01-16

In recent years, the production of China office stationery are in the rapid growth,Throughout the national stationery market,the foreign stationery brand enterprise are still in the leading market such as zebra, potluck  and so on.But the domestic stationery enteprise are still in the weakness market and made the war in price.

And China stationery industry also go through the financial crisis,and its future development would be difficulte.The shadow of the financial crisis would not get away in short time.And how does the China office stationery develop in future?

One, to promote the brand culture construction. The cultural goods is not noly the material products but also an important carrier of the culture spirit.With the changing of the social progress and consumption concept.It is necessary to grasp the consumer life mode,the values and the aesthetic.To appeared the harmonious,seek the environmentally friendly and resource-saving society.Pay attention to  the cultural elements and improve the product qualiy in technology.Make the stationery products more fashionable and reasonable.

Two,to keep the life energy for the brand.As present,some of Chinese office supplies has shown the signs of old.In the mainstream enterprise, the brand with 20 years experience in R&D are gradually decline the spend in the brand buliding,science,technology,online sales and so on.There are a number of international well-known brand has strong vitality with hundreds of years of history.However,Chinese brand with 20 years history has in declining.This problem is worth to thinking.

Third,build the brand in variety so that to avoid homogenization competition. There are a half of product are consistent in the main brand,and most of them also in the same price.The brand enterprise should developing in the difference.Than to meet the different demand and avoid the homogeneity copetition between the differet products.

Four,to promote the brand operation.There are mostly enterprise brand operation in the line of stationery,they always in the low operation and needs to improve in the production,reasearch and development,design and so  on.Lack of the brand value development and some of stationery manufacturing are in the adventure and fickleness.In order to solve these problems,it is necessary to staengthen  construction of talen,bulilding professional brand,or depand on the brand operator 's channel resources to realize the new development.

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