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Multi-functional stationery is popular with consumers ,especially the eyes-shield stationery

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2014-05-25


         With the continuously development of stationery industry,now stationery products are becoming more and more humanized,Environmental friendly stationery、eyes-shield stationery have also confirmed the diversified development of stationery.


         Students stationery relates with students' physical and mental health, in the mean time when stationery manufacturers strengthening of indicators to monitor the safety of the traditional products, they also actively developing practical, novel products which are good for primary and middle school students' physical and mental health.In recent years, more and more manufacturers began to produce eyes-shield products, such as new myopia prevention desks, pen holder, spinal bag, etc.


          Machine of adjusting posture


          Machine of adjusting postureuse of modern electronic promotion technology and weak balance principle, it can be sensitive to respond when students read and write in a correct,  in time, and then through the light and sound or vibration to remind students to incorrect posture, keep the eyes of the students off  the book in a best distance, and remind them to correct their posture with the way of using light and shocking,make them have a good reading and writing habits, prevent myopia effectively and prevent the bent spine to be curve, to protect the physical and mental health of primary and middle school students.


         Pen holder


         Pen holder is a small tools that is composed of a rubber band to correct posture of students' when writing , it can be set on the pencil, by pressing the area ,it can correct students' gesture.The incorrect posture of holding pen due to a variety of reasons. Maybe a plenty of congenital bad development,or bad visual motor coordination ability , some may be premature holding a pen;some are associated with the teaching of teachers and parents.When children writing with a pen when the growth of their hand muscle is not perfect ,and once the parents and teachers do not pay attention to the cultivation of the correct posture to hold a pen, and the psychological needs of utilitarianism,they force their child to finish homework for a long time to write,so that it will be easy to form the wrong position to hold a pen.So using a pen holder can correct the wrong posture of  children in a certain extent.



         Apart from the two kinds of common eye tools above, the eyes-shield reader, eyes-shield operation class and eyes-shield correction tape are also very common.In order to cater to the market demand, continuous innovation,Lepusheng stationery also launched two beige eyes-shield correction tape, more fit consumers' demand.The change of consumer demand is the biggest power of market changes,there is a production when there is a market.Young parents not only teach their child on the course,they also care whether the stationery products for children is health and safety or not.Stationery manufacturers only focus on the needs of the consumers, to produce the best stationery and best selling goods.


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