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Scope of business for stationery shop should have perfect inspection

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2015-01-14


           There are news reports:recently,there is the inspectors to the publications of the bookstores,kiosks,stationery shops near the experimental school and surrounding district,they found that there is individual stationery shops selling publications out of scope,then they issued a rectification notice, for the sake of their immediate improvement.


           Due to stationery shop selling publications out of scope, inspectors ask for their immediate improvement on site.Some stationery shops sell students stationery in daily sales at the same time,they even sell toys, snacks,but why can have normal business?


            In fact,when we pay attention to some reports, about some renovation of some stationery shops around school,it is not difficult to see the problems of  the business scope of stationery shops.It seems not to be allowed, but they still can add some others on the licence.So, business scope  of a stationery shop must be according to their license, but how about some shops which even don't even have license?


            At present,it is not clear enough to rules the business scope of the retail store, although there are clear restrictions, but it is very common to see the management is not practical, it is an expression of neglecting the scope of business for stationery industry.Industry development,then there must be specification, or rely on the the specific provision to do the implementation.


            For most of stationery dealers, expanding the store profits is to expand sales range on maximum degree.But blindly expand the business scope is irrational behavior, on the one hand, is not conducive to the professional image shaping, on the one hand, it is easy to cause chaos for the development of  stationery industry.So for stationery dealers, stationery wholesalers, to consciously restrain the business scope,and laminating shop business scope is very important.


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