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LPS several priniciples of stationery management for make money

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2013-03-13

There is the report show that China stationery industry is keep the steadily rising.It is predict the compound annual growth rate will reach 10% in the next 5 years.It can said that student stationery is the fastest growing market in the China stationery market.There is the such broad development prospect in the stationery so that attracted many investors.However,lack of certain skills is not easy to manage the stationery shop.Now,  Lepusheng stationery will show you the priciple fo stationery management as followes:

Principle one: The colorful storefront marketing

 Most of stationery shop has near the school or the office.It face the consumer groups everyday.It is important to use the shop image or the product packaging to attracts attention.Shore color is an important factor,there are three color is usually appropriate in shop available at black/red/white.It is the chassical color for a shop.It is fashionable,contrast and has the visual impact.
Principle two: Display techniques

The display product is the first appearance to the consumer.The student products needs showing beautiful and convenient to sell.There is a lot of display for stationery product.And "quantity" is one of important element.It can make the consumers feels there are so many choose avaliable in the quantity products.How to create the such quantity effect?One is purchase several series of products instead of one or two type.On the other hand,to find the similar characteristics that diplay the stationery products according to the such characeristics.But at the same time,It should make full use of space that avoid the proudcts looks crowded.

Principle 3: quality stationery

Business is can't separate with the products.The quality of stationery is undeniable the core competitiveness.So to speak,the quality product is the  best advertising. There is the high copy product in the stationery industry.The model and design can be imitated but quality.As well as the stationery sales.Because it is only way for the stationery shop in continuously provide the good products for the consumers.

Principle 4: moderate advertising

As the proverb goes "It is silly only practising but no one word".The appropriate advertising is necessary.To diplay some related information in front of the stationery product,especially the popular stationery.It is convenient the customer to know more about the new product.To distribute leaflets in streets,the store poster or the stickers and so on.Promotion is suits in the off-season,even though the over promotion can increase sales efforts,it is not good for stationery shop with long-term operation.At the same time,with the popular of the electronic commerce,it is undeniable to make the effect transmission through the Internet.

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