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Stationery channels:brand agents is the mainstream

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2013-08-07

    Needless to say, even in the "terminal  channel is the winner" market, brand agency model still is the most common channel mode in stationery industry.

    The so called stationery agents refers to the stationery manufacturer to sell to the final consumers through multiple levels of the agent.The goodsstll belongs to the stationery maufacturer,the agents to do the business with customers then to make the money between.

    Before the brand agency mode,stationery industry is in a state of bulk cargo business.There is only a kind of simple trading ralationship between stationery factory and buyer and without any after service.As the high cost of transship.The wholesalers will buy from the fixed some manufacturers as possible.Along with the rapid development of  industry and competition, the manufacturer begin to choose the better suppliers and keep the cooperation.Therefore, there are the different production,conditional credit,after giving  a refund or an exchange rate, etc. Then to keep a certain continuity cooperation and mutual cooperation.

    Then, with the further development of the stationery industry. on the one hand, there are more and more product category and design in factories.Almost exclusively can meet the needs of wholesalers; On the other hand,the agent also claim the protection of the region.Therefore,stationery brand agency model has happen at the historic moment. Brand agency model has a unified image and brand strength,businessmen also need not to looking for a supply.Manufacturer will provide some training for businesses and make out a strict rules such as image disoplay,settlements and so on.

    In 2000, brand stores mode was getting hotter and hotter.The good brand image, products and style are good for the office suppliers to do well in the brand management and can gain the more information about terminal sales.

    These unique advantages make the stationery to strengthen the construction of the store. However,there are most of factories not to understand the real brand,lack of the professional marketing and with weak production line.The  stationery store mode still make the money within common.

    According to comprehensive the above analysis, Lepusheng thinks that brand agency mode is take the improtant point in the stationery industry.Its development is complied to the China economic development history and in the circulation of the stationery industry chain.Therefore,brand agency still need expand to mainstream  in a period of time in the future.

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