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Lepusheng stationery with fine workamanship and happy culture

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2012-12-25

Half of the brand is technology,and other half is culture. Brand value is basia on the technology innovation,and the brand culture also with the clever.How much profit to the enterprise is not the measure of success.But whether enterprise culture can affect every user or not through product.

Using lepusheng stationery,enjoying happy culture

There are many well-known international brand selling the product and infection consumer throug the enterprise culture.In 1990,McDonald's to enter the Chinese market.It is not only selling the fast food,but also spreading a happy meal mode.Every year, McDonald's would launched a variety of new products,then to meet the consumeres' demand and left the good impression for consumers.The marketing mode from the earliest "Give child's a birthday" have beeninto "I'd like".

When a brand become a representative of enterprise culture, its transmission, influence and sales will be breathtaking.Lepusheng stationery has been insisting on the concept of superior stationery and pay attention to the consurmers feeling.Producte the items in the design,modeling,element and so on.Then make the best quality and the happy feeling to the user.In 2012,Lepusheng company designed the correction tape with the most fashionable element like car correction tape, farm correction tape and colorful butterfly correction tape,MP4 sytle correction fluid  and financial gel ink pen.All of them are sell well in the market.

"Using lepusheng stationery,enjoying happy culture"has been delicated to pursue as the brand conotation and products value by Lepusheng company.Lepusheng stationery will do the best to the omprehensive, multi-channel and brand communication.Then attracted more consumers.

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