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Stationery shop make money fast with little profit

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2013-08-28


There is a low industrial standard for cultural,it don't need the expertise, and it can not being a monopoly industry.There is the intense competition but far from the white-hot degree.So open a stationery shop has became the first choice for many business.
At present,large shopping malls and other office supplies always in same street,it is covers an area of more than 10 square meters.The cost including rent,payment and wages for salesman.And the rent is according to the size of the unit area and position, It is in thousands yuan to thousands of yuan.The decorate is about a thousands of yean.
According to the insiders,the business season of stationery shop is two or three month after school started economy.The profits is increasing about 5% to 10%.With the change of time, it also can up to 15%.The profits is lower as well as tbe price of student stationery.
It is always stock stationery products from same points for all the shops on the street.But some of the are have many customer but some not.This is the difference between vision.The improve of vision  depends on experience.And some knowladge about color.
Personality and characteristics are the important means to open a stationery shop.And the other one is  flexible price.But it is not easy to do personality.In current market,the supplier of stationery shop is an open secret.So that, most of shopkeeper are do the different in price.To reduce the price then to attract consumer.
From this perspective, open stationery shop can make money fast but within a little cost.Some investors but only set up stationery shop but also do the production.So that the profits is higher.
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