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Estimated increase stationery trade friction in 2014

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2013-12-26


There are some products be recalled in stationery export because of the foreige technology and standards.Stationery is one kinds of children supplies.And the European Union has adopted high safety standards for children.So that they would canceled the exporting order once the stationeries did not production according to their standard.It has a lager effect on stationery export for China.It is reported that there are 22 counties and residence issured more than 94  cases of trade remedy investigation.It was increased by 22% year on year.Experts predict that China's trade friction would be increase in next yeras.
In the deciling global economy and weakened external demand,some counties take the trade protection measures then to take more market share.On the other hand,China as the large exporters in office stationery, the stationery export is bigger and bigger but suffered a lot of trade friction.The main exporting market are the America,Southeast Asia,European Union and other countries for China stationery.But with the developing of technology barriers and the health environmental regulations make the cost of stationery enterprises are higher and higher.
According to the data of China's trade remedy information network,there are 22 countries and regions issured 94 cases of trade remedy investigation.It was increased by 22% year on year.It is including 58 antidumping,3 anti-subsidy, 18 safeguard measure.And the most of them are from the developing counties suhc as India and Brazil.
The trade friction will be increase in next years.Because of the global recession, most of countries is still diffcult.China maybe the one who have the largest trade friction.It would be make the higher and higher cost of most of China stationery manufacturers.To immprove the quality control and pay more attention to the foreign technical barriers.Especially the safety,environmental protection,health fraud and so on.
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