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Student stationery get into the lovely world

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2014-10-18


         When visiting the stationery market or searching on the Internet,you will find that it is not difficult to see some students stationery which with cartoon and comic.Cartoon car pencil case, the tablet pen, small animals correction tape, these interesting students stationery can bring us into the lovely world.As young people's lives become more and more cartoonish, these unique student stationery become very popular.



         The animation manufacture become mature gradually, the plot and the full character of the story make more young people can't stop loving them.As the old saying "love me, love my dog", so they will love the stationery products that with animation.So in today's era, ubiquitous cartoon elements in our life.


         Now, the cartoon boom not only step into student stationery, but also quietly get into the office white-collar circles.At present a lot ofJapan and South Korea stationery take cartoon story as design, very friendly.A lot of stationery products display all sorts of funny picture according to the plot of the story, and rich color and quality of office stationery.Many animated cartoon elements can transfer the elements of handsome and lively, so it can play an active atmosphere in the office and take relieving effect on to the white-collar workers.


          In fact, for the brand stationery enterprises which just has narrow channels of the development, moving cartoon design elements of the students stationery to the design of office stationery,and produced cartoon stationery products to meet consumer demand, then it will help enterprises to grab more market share, dig more potential consumption, also can make the enterprise development get more all-round extension of channels .


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