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Stationery network marketing is the new sales mode

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2013-01-15

Network marketing is an important part of global electronic commerce.It also a new mode marketing.Compared with the traditional marketing mode,there are a lot of different characteristics and advantages.And the stationery industry also sell in the network well.The network marketing is developing rapidly.

As the network has the characteristics of  immediate communication without the time and space;sharing the online information fast and free.It is a new kind of marketing mode,which combines multiple types traditional marketing.This kind of characteristics is play an improtant role. On the other hand,it has brought the suitable consumption feature:individual consumption.

Network marketing isn't the saviour of the enterprise marketing.The whole enterprise still need some help from media,then integrated marketing communications to play the synergy. In the traditional marketing management,the product,price,place and the promotion can be dispensed with.So that it is necessary to integrate the customer demand and stationery sales,and make the sales and communication close.

In the network era,the stationery enterprise should pay attention to the products and services to meet the requestment of consumers,The current demand of consumer are in the individual.The enterprises should accroding to the different demand in same type of product then produce the requested products.The internet provided the new way to carry out market research for the enterprises.With the help of Internet,stationery manufacturers are easy to get the infomation about the demand of the coustomers who distribution in all over the world,their views and special requirements.It is good for the enterprise to know the demand trend.According to the different customer's requirements then to design and produce the products.For the large enterprises, they may do the customized to meet the market demand.

Additionlly,the  network marketing also good for the enterprises to distribution sales and reduce inventory.With the fast life rhythm,the customers are speen less time to shopping outdoor.They urgents need the convenient shopping mode and service.The networld marketing just can meet the demand and improve the shopping efficiency.The cousumers can get the information about the product,compared with the  price,performance indexes and get the product through the Internet without leave home. Especially in big city,office supplies purchase was a time consuming work.But now you can selected the product through Internet,then the saler assigned door-to-door delivery.

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