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Customized stationery :keeping create new demand

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2013-02-01

Nowadays,there is ont only the buy or sell in the supply and demand of stationery market.With the developing of the customized office stationery,the stationery products has been more controled by consumer.It is means that the sovereignty of traditional market is truring to the buyer's market from seller's.In the seller's market,to get the demand of the consumer is important.But it is not an easy to make it clear.

Actually,consumer demand is always in the stationery market.It is developing and constantly meeting the growing consumer's demand in material and cultural.The more we knwo about demand the more accurate we can do in the market orientation.There is different consumption concept of each country or city.There are some stationery brand do well in the stationery market,it is not because it has the best quality or workmanship.But it has the marketing strategy system and knowing the consumer culture and consumer concpt.

There are two strategies in the demand,one is consumer consumer and the other one is to guide the consumer demand.It can be make clean as two point in makret but in the same purpose.Both of them are to creat the special demand.For example,useing the enterprise VI color in the customized staitonery production.As the office stationery always in the cold colours and throught the such uqique style can meet the real demand.Only to make the differentiation in the stationery products so that realize to get more market share and breakthrough in development.

To meet the consumer demand can be done by most of enterprise.But more difficult to create demand.In the such current market,to "creat demand" is not suitable for every company.For example,how to make an enterprise which without coustom production to do the customized stationery production?Or how to meet the other enterprise's culture in original brand culture.And meet the position of national, state or the company without any clash?And how to do well in the brand connecting?

There is the demand market in future market.Its core is consumer either to meet demand or to creat demand.The strategy of the enterprise is keep to create new demand and guide to the customers.And it is the ultimate goal to make the customer satisfid.

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