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What kinds of change in the new developing of stationery industry?

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2013-04-12

With the more and more fierce competition in the stationery market, and the increasing of the raw metarial,most of stationery enterprise are look for the new development and the new model.Lepusheng stationery thinks that to realize the change of enterprise,it can do in the following three aspects:

First,to open the mind

To seek the development of stationery enterprise,it is needs to break the traditional thinking and to accept the new ideas.To point out the lacking in enterprise and find the solution way.Besides to learn how to become the excellent enterprise.It is needs to understand the advantage and disadvantage of themselves.So that to expand the largest advantage and adjust the competition and change from market.

Second,expand the market

In today's information age, stationery shopkeeper needs to change the ever management way.It can't be passive and should to change the dealer's model.To visit the lacal market customers and keep the good relationaships with the customers.And don't get out of market.

Third,strengthen inner management

Although stationery industry is the fastest develop in the light industry,most of stationery enterprise still under the irregularities management.The extensive management can't keep up the development of market.Only to improve the enterprise internal management,deepen the enterprise reform,strengthen enterprise management then to improving the internal management of enterprise.It is needs clear positioning if want to improve the competitive advantage.To make clear of management is better to the development of enterprise.Secondly,to extablish the the organization structure of enterprise,the staff's  spirit,the working rules and flow,and the responsibility system of staff.It also needs a set of management systems and the detabase,The real data will be the important reference of sales and business development.

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