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Lepusheng have been attended the Canton Fair for 17 years

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2012-11-06

The  111th canton fair


The phase III of the 111th canton fair was hold on 1st,MAY, in Guangzhou pazhou International Convention and Exhibition Center. The visitors came from all over the world . LPS exhibited all kinds of latest and fashion stationery in the Canton fair. LPS has attended canton fair for 17 years .

Learned from the Canton fair, at the end of phase II, foreign buyers reached 166,707 persons, compared to 166,347 buyers of the last Canton fair,there was a slight increase.On the basis of data ,the growth of the visitors indicated that china export markets is recovering .


At the fair


LPS stationery has been committed to professional development and product output of the cultural products market ,ctively attend carton fair twice in one year since the company established.The company develop more and more stronger .


At first day of the exhibition, our customers was coming an endless, when many new customers were attracted by the lovely design style, and try to gain the information of company and products. Meanwhile, they were taking interesting in independent R&D and professionable manufacturing.They were willing to have a further contact after the fair .


LPS exhibition attracted many customer


Lepusheng have been attended the Canton Fair for 17 years,Through the high value-added stationery products, high level of service quality, effective climaxing brand, further successfully develop overseas market share. In recent years, in consolidating local market at the same time, LPS stationery also actively explore the international market, to establish a team with enterprise characteristic of electronic business applications and so on .The products are exported to the Middle East, Europe, the United States and other markets ,also praised by the  international customers

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