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The broad stationery market in the chlidren stationery

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2013-06-08

In recent years,as the influence of inventory,there are more and more stationery brand to expanded the other market.However,it is still blank in the children's stationery field.It is influence of children's particularity.At present,office supplies only focused on the office stationery and student stationery.However with the development of the society,the attation of the children is getting more and more.It may the new developing way to the children stationery market.

According to statistics, there are more than 310 million people under the age of 16 in current China.There is the analysisi predicts that China will become the largest infant child consumer market.However,although numerous competing brand into children's market.And it is as a driving force of the drive profitable growth.Lacking brand is still the weak of chlidren's stationery market.It is understood that  60% of current stationery factory without the brand in China.Most of them are do the OEM stationery production.Especially for the stationery,there are not the enough attention in the children market.

From the point of view of market competition,at present,the international brand are occupy almost half of the high-end market.And the main consumer groups of chlidren's stationery,the people borned after 1980 are pay more attentioned to the brand and brand added.So that this groups are provide the favorable safeguard of brand development.

The parents after 1980 is not as tradition as the they parents.They are more attention to the product quality and design instead of the color or price.So that,in order to suit to the market demand.Most of stationery be designed with more notice by designer,such as more attention the the accessories and prevent children devour.Therefore,we can see that children's stationery are more creation and fashioable.

At present,there was not yet formed influential brand in demestic stationery market.Stationey market environment also imperfection.The security of children's stationery market also worring by parent.So that,healthy and good stationery should make the good image of the brand and make the awareness and reputation.
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