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Frequent promotion at the end of the year,consumers should choose brand

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2014-12-09


          After the double eleven,there is also a carnival followed at the end of the year that makes the stationery enterprises launch a variety of promotional activities.while promotional activeties in stationery industry is the same,too! Face with such many sales promotion from the stationery manufacturers,then how to keep a rational view for the consumers,and how to do well in publicity and promotion for the stationery enterprises?



         Electrical business activities to be more actively


         As the end of the double eleven, the double twelve arrive in quick succession,overall,propaganda of E-commerce is more than the entity shop.Or discount price, or send the vouchers, or a fine gifts,these are all big actions of the merchants.And for the stationery enterprises, it is also a good way to improve sales by e-commerce, and clearance of inventory is also a good way, too,so it can't be missed.


         Consumers preferred brand consumption


         Although the lower price everywhere in the online store,it could not affect the consumer to choose the brand.Most of them preferred brand when shopping.The reason why they choose the brand is to feel relieved, even if you have any problem in the process of using,the after-sales service can also keep up with.And stationery enterprises are also pay attention to the brand effect in promoting the sale of products at the same time.


           The most afraid for the merchants in promotion is the attitude of "fish in troubled waters" , just as a double eleven,many customers increse the price in fact but show it as a lowest prise on the online store in all kinds of festival promotion activities, so Lepusheng stationery reminds consumers, the consumer must pay attention to the usual price,and see whether there is a discrepancy when comparing to the special price,have a detailed consultation about the scope of coupons,so that the coupons can be used;Some businessmen set restrictions in the use of coupons to customers,so we have to pay attention about it.


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