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Guidance for consumer : Rational consumption to avoid waste

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2014-05-03


         Every year when the term begins ,a lot of stationery stores earn so much during it .The arrival of the new semester let many students buy new stationery,while some of the students covet fresh things, and buy them "wastefully".In fact, in order to attract consumer attention, many businessmen will promotes the creative new product specially during this time, when consumer is buying the stationery, they should be Rational , then according to their own perception to buy in a reasonable decisions.



        The daily rising prices today, how can we  buy student stationery rationally?


        1、View of the sales promotion activity  rationally


         In order  to win in the business peak season, there will be many discounts ,clearances and promotional activities in the store.Or pose a lot of novel and unique stationery products, these will encourage consumer behavior.We can't be impacted by the business activities, adhere to the useful products before buying.For example, if you have bought a correction tape, then see they are all cheap ,so you must want to buy a more,please noted that if it will be not used immediately,then this will  takes up an extra money.


         2. Do not follow, don't believe advertising blindly


         It is not always the best when you buy stationery after listening to the salesmen ,the ads.Especially in the stationery market ,there are so many kinds in it ,and maybe there are many unlicensed manufacturers,they sell their products through personal selling, so that the consumers should pay attention to the brand reputation, to know whether it is reliable and whether to have quality assurance or not .


         3. Avoid of vanity


        Now many students compare with each other unrealistically ,the stationery manufacturer post creative stationery in order to make children squabble to buy more.However,fancy stationery emerge in endlessly ,this is the speed that consumers can't  keep up with.Many students will buy a lot of interesting small stationery at a time,but when he came back home ,he would found that he only use one or two pieces actually , therefor ,vanity often lead to non ideal consumers.


        In the process of children to grow up, parents should be students' watchdog, to tell them to buy the necessary stationery products, but this is not to say that  is wrong to buy creative stationery, actually ,if only allow them to buy a few in a semester, may be it can let the child do better planning with a quantitative monitoring .


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