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Stationery enteprise how to train up excellent dealer?

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2013-04-26

At present, there is the intense competition in the stationery industry.The brand dealership are here and there.It is improvetant to make the stability relationshiop with dealer if stationery enterprise wants a better development.The insider said that it has not over when the channel decilied.It should to establish a marketing team quickly.To make a steady market,train up the excellent and helpful stationery dealers is urgent needs.So how should we do?

Manufacturer's service should more detailing

Market needs be plowed,so that the stationery factories must know more about the channel newtwork.And provide better service to the consumer.There was a agent in a province at past.But now,it needs the the more clear in service area.Turn to accurately operate from management.

Improve the support in the secondary market and the tertiary market

In the past,many enterprise are just focus on supporting the general agency,with general agency as the core.So that the secondary market and the tertiary market have became the nobody's favorite childer.With the development of the channel,to supprt the secondary market and the tertiary market is necessary.On the one hand,stationery enterprise can imple all policies deirectly.And make the sales policy to the every dealer.to ensure the completed of sales tasks.On the other hand, the dealer feedback information will be more quickly, cmpanies can work out more sales policy basis on the local market.

Provides various traning at regular intervals

There is the gaps betweent the secondary/tertiary market and primary market.they may only be a three-stage wholesalers before.without promotion,management and development.So that it needs office suppliers to privides the supply in the management and development from the enterprise culture.To provides various traning at regular intervals,improve the overall quality of dealers.Strengthen the recovery capability.Than to activate the enthusiasm, loyalty and independent of dealers.To gian the double win with office suppliers.

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