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Do stationery enterprises hit out in the carnival on double eleven?

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2014-11-23


          "Tianmao got the turnover of 29434741 yuan in 44 seconds, and in two minutes a day the turnover was above 1 billion yuan. 4 minutes,it breaks through 1.6 billion yuan. 5 minutes,it breaks through 2 billion yuan. 7 minutes 58 seconds, exceed 3 billion yuan. 13 minutes, the volume has reached 5 billion yuan. 7 hours 36 minutes, turnover has reached 10 billion yuan." The "double eleven" trade data released has been refreshed by the artificially created online carnival clinch since 2009.



           The influence of “Double eleven" can be seen, "bachelor day" has now turned into collective revelry for major electronic retailing and online users'.There are many stationery stores prepare for the "double eleven" in advance, they are all up to this day.


           For the stationery industry which is proliferated by the preferential activities such as sales promotion, discounts.Whether carnival of "double eleven" participates in the strike?The answer is yes,.Promotional activities is self-evident to improve sales .The appropriate promotion can speed up listing the new stationery products, break the off-season sales and cleaning stationery inventory, can drive the sales of other related products and be more effective to against competitor's attack.When the off-season of stationery comes,but with the universal carnival of "double eleven" ,all the stationery enterprises will step into it?When the end of the year become closer,lnteractive promotions the more popular, the arrival of the "double eleven" can fulfilled the stationery industry.


          Although favorable activities such as sales promotion, discounts are springing up, although have suspected of manufacturing stunt, but as long as the activity is open and transparent, standing the point of view of the consumers, when they really enjoy the benefits, then the promotion is OK.So stationery enterprises should take advantage of this "double eleven" and give benefits to the consumers, don't fake it, and also to set up a good brand image to the consumers,too.


          After all, the preferential benefit promotion war, such as the price war will eventually turning to value innovation for the stationery enterprises and improve product technology content and added value is the right way.


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