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Students stationery should pay attention to humanized design

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2013-04-23

There is the considerable market for student stationery supplies.And there is the huge domestic consumers in the home market.With the China advantages,the export situation is also vary good.Along with the developing of industrial,student stationery has realized the mechanization production, And the consumers also have a higher request for stationery.

Thre are various kinds of stationery product in the current market.Even the most professional stationery manufacturer would be pay more attention to the product design.Under the homogenetiy market,the big manufacturers should pay more attention to the product design.And keep the fashionable appearance.

Foreign stationery has become a major symbol of luxury. Although some big stationery manufacturer have the certain popularity in the market.In order to adapt to the fierce market competition.It is necesarry to purchase a large number of foreign desing or accessories.Then to expand the market share of products.

The stationery enterprises should be aware of the students stationery design level,manufacturing technology and management level is backward in China.It is too immature compared with the developed countries.

The design of student stationery is coming.At the same time,product design has become the bottleneck of China stationery development.Stationery enterprise should to improve the proudct design and the production level.To cooperate with the advanced management then to speed up the development of China stationery industry.

The introduction of the new material,desin and the improvement in the function,style and the quality also improve the development of the cultural product in the function.The standardization of the students also makes more convenient in the  versatility, interchangeability and function.

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