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"Heirs" of office stationery

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2013-12-02


Rapidly developed make the fastly upgrading of stationery product.In recent years,there are the higher and higher requirement for stationery by consumers.Push new style stationery is the homework of stationery manufacturers.Fastly update means the more be eliminated.Now, Lepusheng is going show the new "heirs" of office stationery as followes:
Correction tape & correction fluid 
Correction tape and correction fluid are common correction stationeries.Correction fluid be invented early that correction tape.So that there are the broad market share.It was reduced the waste of paper while the people made mistake.However,there are more and more peopler with the security requirment of the stationery safety and stationery quality.And the the correction tape been invented at the  historic moment.Its immediate re-writing,high quality and easy use make the correction tape became the mainstream in correct market.
Glue often be used in the handicraft class for students, it can fixed the paper or cardboard.Commonly used in sealed envelopes,sticky package tender, pupils work, mounting and so on.In addition, double-sided glue tape also be welcomed by a lot of people.In recent years, more and more people use the correction tape type glue tape.
Pen & gel pen
Although pen was a popular stationery in the past market.Nowadays,it is gradually fade out the life of people. In the stationery shop,we hardly find the pen,because it is need to inject new ink while it be used.obviously, there is not the such state for gel ink pen.It is more convenient and take it in writing experience for consumers.
The heirs brought a lot of convenient to the peoples.And it is easy to find that which stationery with more convenient which can be more popular in the stationery market.
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