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Seek innovation ideas in stationery fair

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2013-08-11

    Recently, The 107th Shanghai ICIF held on the Shanghai new international expo center,the range including student supplies,stationery,modern office and teaching instruments,and the office supplies.There are more than 300 office suppliers came to this fair in Yiwu international trade city.To seek somethings new at the fair.

    "We only do the ordinary packing tape and the double-side adhesive.Now we have to do the innvation at the competitive market."Suxiang,Wang,the responsible person of the Yiwu Chunsu adesive tape factory.After visited Shanghai ICIF, she said that there were many kinds of special adhesive tape.She would like to develop some new tape in the prouction.Recently,Chunsu adhesive tape produce the new product, it is used in the packing gifts and sell well at abroad.The innovation proudcts were brought a steady stream of business.

    The rubber manufacturer,JianFen,Zheng,who visited the ICIF,said that there were many new type of rubber.And it is made she to introduced new varieties.JianFeng,Zheng said ,"We have lauched the IPhone, Sumsung share rubber with good sell.We will produce the modelling of the mascot and trophies in Brazilian world cup next year.

    According to the analysis by the Yiwu small commodity index. There are the intense competition in the southeast Asia stationery market.all countries are speed up the process of stationery production.Vietnam with its low price advantage.It make China hard to do the expanding.It must to study the international market and understand competitiors if want to come into the international market for stationery enterprises.To do the study the model, price, and the consumer culture content in the foreign market.

    "In the current market environment,stationery suppliers should make a fully research of stationery industry at home and abroad,improve the technology innovation and the production innovation.To turn into the high-end production as soon as possible.

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