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Four parts affecting stationery shop business

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2013-08-01

The biggest goal of running a office stationery shop is to expand the bigger and bigger market.But,this market is limited for a stationery shop.It is requies the stationery shopkeeper to considering several factors which affecting the stationery shop management in advance.And to make the reasonable planning.

In general, there are four factors influencing the student stationery shop business.

One,Kind of stationery

What kind of stationery be selled in stationery shop?This is the frist factors which affecting stationery business.Because it is determines what kind of person can become your customer.For stationery shop which has the fixed customers,it need to increased publicity if wants to expand the stationery business.To be known by more people.

Two,traffic condition

Most of people to take the traffice conditions into account during selecting the retail store address.Because of a stationery shop located in transport facilities should be make more money then the lacked one.In most of buying condition."Convenient" is an important point.

Three,dimension of the shop

How big is your shop,only 20 or 30 square meter,or 50 to 80.The size of shop will affect your stationery business in around.Because the bigger stationery shop always have many kinds of high quality stationery and more buyer.


How many stationery shops in a area,or whether is the super market which sell stationery supplies?It is all decision the stationery business.Because we should to share the customer with our competitors.At this points,stationery shop should to do the best in your competitor then to keep the market share.

The stationery supplies busienss is related to the number of customers and the business level.So that the office stationery shopkeeper should to manage the such points and do well in the stationery business.To minimize avoid the risk of stationery shop.

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