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The main problem in the stationery industry

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2013-11-13


Stationery industry is one of labor-intensive industries in Chian. After the years of development, stationery industry has become one of the biggest exports industries in China.It is made China became the mostest stationery exports.However,what kind of problems in stationery development?
Small production scale and single product structure
Because it is easy to make money in office supplies,most of people are do such business.They not only do the the relatively stationery such as  notebook, pen, photo albums, filing cabinets.But also do the small stationery such as glue,clip or plastic ruler.Ther are about 40% of enterprises has less  5 million yuan capital .But most of them are only one or two type proudcts.It is bad for the long-term development.
Lacking of brand
At present,most of domestic stationery manufacturers are do the OEM production.This type of production is necessary and feasible at the begin of industry.It also the best way to accumulate the capital and experience.But with the development of the stationery industry,it is not enough start in the production in OEM.
The vicious competition.There are not a strict sense in domestic stationery industry coordination mechanism.It is contributed the  disorderly competition to the stationery industry.At present,to open a company only need thousands of yuan in Chian. So it is easy to do the stationery production.And bad for the stationery development.
The extensive international culture in stationery industry.Most of stationery manufacturers are do the export trade but what about the truth?Stationery industry is a light industry with low cost and low technical.The profit maximization of stationery only to depand on the brand.That is why so many domestic stationery became the stationery OEM factories for famous brand.
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