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Essential points of cultural goods when having a sales promotion

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2014-09-19


        For many stationery enterprises,it is not curious that have marketing activities during the holidays.for shopkeeper of cultural goods,we can do sales promotion except holidays, but there are two season in a year, they are the two new terms every year.If we want to do well during this holiday promotions to attract more customers, then owners have a lot of homework to do, so, how many basic requirements are there for holiday sales promotion?



        One, the impact and the attraction of the sales promotion activity

        To let the customer visit your shop in the "boundless"space, then vision plays a big role,and the short theme which is easy to remember is necessary, some of the topics with more than ten words is not easy to attract consumer attention.Suspense theme is a good choice, it is often easy to hook up the eyes of the consumers and successfully make the interest.


         Two, the combination and innovation which in promotion


         The most common methods of  promotion are live show, buy a gift, discount, integral, lottery, and so on.Although the same on the way to promote sales,there are larger creative space.We can add some innovation on the details, although may be small, but it is very important to the effect of promotion.


          Three,choice and innovation of promotion gift


          The key links of sales promotion is the gift of choice, the choice of a gift is good or bad, directly affect the effect of sales promotion.For example,when selling correction tapes,we can make the correction fluid or pens as a promotional gift.On one hand, there are correlation between them,on the other hand,it is practical, it is also can drive the sales of other stationery.And it has good correlation with recommended product itself, it is a good gift choice, but if no innovation it seems to be old.Sometimes it will receive good effect when we have innavation on the gift.


          Four, organization and implementation of promotional activities


          General promotion mostly choose during the holiday,and the holiday promotion is facing many environmental noise, to do the promotion, to achieve fully ready, consider various factors, especially the terminal staff should accept more training system, and properly handle consumer interaction.At the same time, sales promotion should pay attention to "condition" not on our side, rational forecast and control input and output, must not blindly.


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