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Attract the distributors through the stationery brands for small and medium enterprises

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2013-03-15

Brand awareness mean the purchaser remember the brand or the proudct at buying.Stationery line under the long-terms buyer's market,the brand awareness always change as the consumer's propensity.So that it is one of important factors to affect the channel choice.So,How does the small enterprise to get the channel's approval?Lepusheng stationery thinks that the unmaturity brand should take the following measures that to attract more channels business:

A.Famous brand to attract channels

At the sales,the more channel you have the more benefit you gain.Brand awareness is the important point to attracing the new channels.The proudcts image has to transfered before the technology and service.Only to make the promotion through the sponsorship of various commercial and social activities.That to make the channel construction and increas the sales.It is the effective ways to make the brand awareness and attract more channels.

B.The reliable quality

To make the brand is needs the quality assurance.Product quality is the foundation of the enterprise.And the quality is a comprehensive concept,including the engineering quality, cultural quality and the  quality of property management and so on.For the small and medium-sized stationery company,there is not too much funds for the brand publicity at the begining.And it is difficult to introduce the new product to the cousmer.Only to ensure the comprehensive quality that to promote the interests of both parties.Moreover,new product can use the mystery and display the product variability.

C.Product characteristics as the brand

In the process of the branding constrction and promotion,the novelty of proudcts and the individuality can offset the low brand awareness of brand.Espectially in the era to pursuit of the unique individual.The any distinctive product is easy to be hot.It is because there is the big different from other products,so that the "Apple" lead the fashionable trand.And result in there is no competitors so far.So the great differentiation product also can attract the dealers all over the world through without brand awareness.In the stationery industry,the product or the channel are going to the homogenization with the price war. Stationery manufacturers should to make the innovation n the service support,producti quality and the performance optimization.So that to attract more channel by the differentiation.

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