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The market demand decision the stationery gift market development

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2013-01-08

It is understood that the stationery gift market demand of developed countries are not as well as the domestic stationery export enterprise expected.It make the domestic stationery manufacturers worry about when does the poor exporting get over.Visited the YIWU gifts enterprise,there are the negative effect so-called "fiscal cliff" though the subprime crisis hasn't completely resolve.Anyways,there is not   highly expected for the 2013 market.

"We all think it is not bad for the industry development as long as the production line is working"A Shangdong boss who in the line of 10 year of gift exporting said.In fact,for a point of view on the development in recent years.We can clearly see all the relevant information for the recent years stationery exporting order.

In recent years,as the improvement of people's living standard,people are pay more attention to the festival.Such as the Christmas in December,for stationery manfacturers,"Christmas dinner " has been the hot market for the people.Although this Christmas was affected by the the economic downturn,and there are differences in the each stationery industry area.

The insider said that,there are some policys and a adjust for the developed countries economic in the second half of the year.It also showing the bright to the domestic stationery gift businessman.However,basis on the such situation,it seems not so fast as the people expected.

Overall, as the market demand appear slow growth.So that the poor exproting trade will not far away soon for the gift stationery enterprises.For the enterprise which can bear the pressure,they just to adjust the structure of products.And to improte the technical content.to try to get throgh the economic downturn at first.

In the last century 90 s, Chinese statinoery gifts such as advertisement pen processing or exproting are do well in the line.But it is mainly  work for the developed countries.And the products export appear ed increase until the international market demand began to drop so far.

The industry insiders predict that,it is the best time to expend the market for domestic stationery gift enterprise once the market demand growth get better.

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