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Severe copy in the correction tape and correction fluid made less profit for stationery manufacturer

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2013-04-02

Visited the current market,it is easy to find that imitation is becomes more and more reampant.It is different to make clear which is the counterfeit product or original.It was harmed the profits of original design stationery enterperises.Besides the problem about prduct original.Most of product also affected by copying in the other reasons such as price,proudct reputation,product sales and so on.And it make the original stationery manufacturer can't get due reward and creat the rich income for others.

The industry insiders pointed out that there has not avoid those imitation of any proudct in the current stationery industry.

If look careful in the detail,it can be distinguished what is ture or false.But in the stationery industry ,the counterfeit products is different from the coping product in other industry.There is not obvious difference in the style,pattern,color btween copy and original.And the as well as the shelf life and the product quality.Just like the correction tape,It will be stand-in to replace the new product which is whatever how neoteric it is.And looks similar whether in the shape or pattern.

There is a strange phenomenon that the single enterprise is hard to get breakthrough in the industry through launch the new product.The new proudcts become the new wind of trend always needs common promotion form many enterprises.

Although the innovation stationery producers are the victim in the current market.They also the beneficaries.Maybe the  profits will be squeezed.the sales of prouct will be improved.The insiders thought that it is prove that your proucts are do well in the quality if someone copied.Consider another point of view,the copy cat also to make the promotion for you.

At the same time,the competition of the stationery indstry has turned to service competition from product competition in crrent market.The service differentiation is the real core competition of enterprise.Therefore, only to do well in the sevice that keep the innovation profit.

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