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Stationery enterprise should respond actively in off season

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2013-01-24

The stationery promotion usually happen in the summer.But now it also appear in the spring or other festival holiday.Bad financial condition is the main reasone.The insider did not panic through the weak in the second half of last years."Anyway,we should to active respond to the off season".

Truecolor stationery had did the promotion with the big network company in China.Comix stationery had did the discount and the Deli had launched a "Full 39 yuan free shipping" service commitment with online famous mall.There is the such big activity of stationery enteprises,and how about the market respond?Visited the stationery wholesale market and the office supplies stores.There is only a few consumer in stationery stores.And most of sales personnel were waiting in front of door.The business personnel siad that the market had "cold".Miss Xu,the stationery shop assistant said that there were the regular customers had played order,and they only buy some consumable such as printing paper,pen,staple and so on. The majority of customers just take a view to the market.

There was embattled for various stationery brand in Internet.The insiders are have the steady mood and respond actively in market.

"It is difficult to make the judgment in such situation."A Beijing stationery agent siad so.The market competition will be more intense,it can take the advantage if start the promotion early.It is difficult to get the market share ever have the customers in market busy season."Although the less customer,the competition will not be too fierce."

Lepusheng stationery thinks that the promotion is the transformer of the weakness economic situation.To do the ativities not only can placate the agents and distributors,but also relieve their pressure.It also helpful for to get the market shape.

It can expected that the ignored previously market will be attention,including onlien sales,exhibition and othe channel will be use.And in the furture marke,it needs the enteprise its stength.

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